Baldwin Brothers, Inc.

About Us

Baldwin Brothers, Inc. (“Baldwin Brothers”) is a diversified real estate firm which, together with its affiliates, owns, operates and/or manages almost 3,000,000 square feet of commercial and residential real estate in 18 states.

Founded in 1894, Baldwin Brothers is managed by the fourth generation of Baldwin family members. The company is a full-service privately held real estate firm which enjoys the benefits of several internal departments:

Brokerage Division

The Real Estate Brokerage Division of Baldwin Brothers is staffed by eleven full-time agents and brokers, all of whom are engaged in the exclusive practice of commercial real estate. This Division is generally considered the leader in commercial brokerage services in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Construction Division

The Construction Division has been responsible for the construction of major and minor projects in our portfolio, such as Summit Towne Centre (512,000 square feet), Millcreek Square (46,000 square feet), Sterrettania Plaza (19,000 square feet), Lakewood Plaza (156,000 square feet), Summit Plaza (48,000 square feet), Northgate Commons (165,000 square feet), and numerous other office, retail and industrial buildings. The Construction Division is staffed by full-time engineers, design personnel, and project managers.

Management Division

Through its Management Division, Baldwin Brothers offers a full range of services to its affiliated clients which are comprised of approximately 88 business entities headquartered in several states. This Division also manages approximately 650 residential units owned by our various affiliates, and is staffed by twenty-one professionals.

All three of these Divisions participate fully in the development process, each in its own discipline. This multi-disciplinary approach has proven successful and economically-beneficial to our company and its many affiliates.

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